Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dobrasevic Food Company Review

*I'm sad to say, shortly after this review was published, Dobrasevic had to shut it's doors.  Another victim of the economy.  We with them and their employees all the best!

I had the extreme pleasure of having a beautiful box of produce delivered to my front door this past Saturday from Dobrasevic Food Company!  Here's what I opened up to.....

Looks good, huh?!  Well, there's more!  Look at all the goodies that were in this Large Box of Produce...

You're looking at Green Beans, Eggplant, Grapefruit, Zucchini, Green Onions, Oranges, Roma Tomatoes, Bananas, Green and Red Leaf Lettuce, Green Bell Peppers, Red Potatoes, and Red Pears!
The recipe possibilities are endless here!

A little information about Dobrasevic Food Company for you from their website....

"Dobrasevice Food Company located in Troy, Michigan is here to serve the Metro Detroit area with the finest fruits and vegetables delivered right to your door.

Founded in 2009, Dobrasevic Food Company prides itself in fresh, locally grown produce, delivered right to the doorsteps of hard working Metro Detroiters. Dobrasevic Food Company believes this community deserves something crisper, cleaner and more affordable than what the average grocery store provides.

Dobrasevic Food Company works with local farmers and local distributors directly. This keeps the produce supremely fresh, drives down the cost to our customers and helps boost the Michigan economy. Plus, you don't even have to leave your home. DFC delivers to most parts of Wayne, Macomb and Oakland counties, so contact us to find out if one of our Dobrasevic Food Company routes is in your neighborhood!

Be part of a new kind of industry. Where your family eats what's grown not far from their own backyard. Where you're fueling the Michigan and Detroit economies. Where you're free to do what's natural."

With so much produce coming to your doorstep, you can't help but eat healthy!  If you're not the creative type, and worried about what you'll do with this produce, your delivery will come with a Weekly Newsletter. In the newsletter, you will find recipes using the produce provided, so nothing will go to waste!

So far, I made Italian Chicken with Red Potatoes and Green Beans.  I used about half of the red potatoes, most of the green beans and 2 of the Roma tomatoes in the box.

Today, I made the Sweet Smoothie Recipe included in the Newsletter!  Ella (and Gavin) helped.
We used 1 of the Grape Fruits, 1 Orange and 1 Banana.
They enjoyed it, although Ella had a hard time getting past the pulp.  Gavin didn't see a problem, LOL!

I was incredibly impressed with the quality of the produce I found in this box.  Nor bruises or blemishes to be found on anything in the box. 

If you're interested, you can keep up to date on Dobrasevic's Facebook Page, where they'll let you know what's being delivered each week.

There are several delivery options.  You can choose from a Small or Large Produce Package. From there, you can choose whether or not you would like weekly or bi-weekly deliveries. 
Dobrasevic delivers to Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties, so contact them soon to get your deliveries scheduled!

*Dobrasevic provided me with a large box of produce to review.  All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.  Others' opinions may vary from mine.

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Italian Chicken with Red Potatoes and Green Beans

HEALTHY, SIMPLE, DELICIOUS, FRESH!  I love all these words, and they describe exactly what I made today.   I love when something so simple turns out so well.  Chicken leg quarters were MAJORLY on sale earlier this past Fall and I stocked up on them.  I pulled some out of the freezer to defrost and simply seared them with olive oil and a few common seasonings.  I added some red potatoes and green beans from my home delivery of produce from Dobrasevic Food Company of Troy, MI.  GORGEOUS produce, so it was not hard to be inspired.

My daughter was home after getting over the flu and since she was feeling lots better, I let her help me prepare this dinner (after a good hand-washing of course!)  I love when I can get her involved in the cooking process because she's then "invested" in the dinner and wants to eat it.....or more of it! I put her to work on the Green Beans as I pretty much prepared everything else.  She talked my ear off while she did it, in her usual fashion, and I enjoyed every moment of it!

4 Chicken Leg Quarters
3 Tbsp Olive Oil - Divided
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. Pepper
1 tsp. onion powder
1 tsp. garlic powder
1 tsp. Italian Seasoning
2 Roma Tomatoes, chopped
1-2 tsp.Kosher Salt
10 Red Potatoes
1.5-2 cups Fresh Green Beans

Directions: (I used a 5-Quart Slow Cooker for this)
Season the skin side of your chicken leg quarters with half of the salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder and Italian Seasoning, leaving the remaining seasoning for the other side.

Heat about 2 Tbsp. of Olive Oil in a pan and place your chicken leg quarters in, skin side down to sear.
While it's searing, season the other side with the remaining spices.
Flip over and sear the other side.

Place the seared Chicken into your crock.
Place the tomatoes on top.

Now, tear off a 2 foot (or so) long piece of foil.  Place the potatoes on the foil and drizzle the remaining Tbsp. of Olive Oil over the top and sprinkle the Kosher Salt over the top.
Close up the foil packet, give it a gentle shake to coat those potatoes and place it on top of the chicken in the crock.

Cook on LOW for 7-9 hours or on HIGH for 3.5-4.5 hours.
45 minutes before you are ready to eat, add the green beans.
Serve and ENJOY!
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Movies on Demand December Giveaway Winner Announced!

Congratulations to our December Movies on Demand on Cable Prize Pack Winner
Tiffiany Ashley

Here is what the winner will receive:

(1) $25 Visa Gift Card
(1) $10 Cable Cash for Movies on Demand

*Tiffany, you have 24 hours to respond by email to claim your prize or another winner will be chosen.

Congrats!  And thank you to all those who entered!
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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dove Chocolate Discoveries

I got a VERY Sweet delivery the other day!  Becky, from Dove Chocolate Discoveries offered me a chance to review the products, and you better believe I didn't hesitate!  LOL

A little bit of info about Dove Chocolate Discoveries....
Dove Chocolate Discoveries is the home show division of Dove Chocolate (the Mars chocolate company). They began offering in-home chocolate tastings in spring of 2007. All of the products are exclusive to the home show division and are only available through independent chocolatiers.
 I had the pleasure of tasting 4 different Dove Chocolate Products; 
Chocolate Martini Mix
Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Caramels
Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries
Chocolate Covered Pretzel

The Chocolate Martini mix is one of their best sellers, and my husband and I can tell you why!  We have been enjoying Chocolate Martinis this week and they are extremely delicious! Becky had a few recommendations for me; her daughter likes it mixed in equal parts with milk. The mix is very thick so shake it well. It should be refrigerated after opening. The bottle says to mix with vodka, but she recommends equal parts vodka, milk or liquid creamer, and the mix. If you like coffee, it's great with a shot of it in a cup of coffee, with your regular cream & sugar - it's a delicious mocha! Besides the  Chocolatini, they also offer Mudslide, and White Chocolate Mint Martini. She suggests these are great to take as hostess gifts to holiday parties and fit perfectly in wine-bottle bags. In the current  catalog, they're $20 each or two for $30 (and you can mix/match the flavors.)

The Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Caramels were pretty good.  I don't do sugar-free because of my dietary situation, but I did try one.  (I made my husband try one too)  They don't taste sugar-free at all and are not too sweet.  They are sweetened with maltitol (a sugar derivative.)

The Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries were very good (and I don't like cherries at all!).  My husband said they were extremely delicious!  They are part of the Dark Chocolate Covered Fruit Collection. The full 16oz package contains a bag of cherries, a bag of cranberries and a bag of blueberries.  I can't wait to try the cranberries and blueberries if the cherries were that good.
The Chocolate Covered Pretzel was great too.  My daughter and I split it.  She really enjoyed it! They come individually wrapped (as do the Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers). Half the box comes dark chocolate covered, and the other half come covered in milk chocolate.  These would make great stocking stuffers since they are individually wrapped.

If any of this sounds good to you, you HAVE to visit Becky's website!  There are so many more products to order, such as backing mixes, smoothies, salad dressings and more!  You can also visit Becky's facebook here.

These would make awesome Christmas Gifts, so if you would like your order to come in time for Christmas, the last day to order is December 12!!!!  Hurry!

*Disclaimer: I was given products to sample in exchange for this blog post and my review.  All opinions expressed here are entirely my own and may differ from others. Print Friendly and PDF

Friday, December 7, 2012

Movies on Demand - December #GIVEAWAY!

December is upon us and it's almost time to cozy up in front of the fireplace with a movie, popcorn and the ones you love!  Movies on Demand on Cable makes it easy for you because you don't have to run to the store to find a movie to watch!  You can do it all right from the comfort of your very own home! 

Movies on Demand has LOTS of great Holiday Movies for you!

Why not have a movie night with family and/or friends?!  

I have one more Movies on Demand on Cable Prize Pack to Giveaway this month!
Here is what the winner will receive:

(1) $25 Visa Gift Card
(1) $10 Cable Cash for Movies on Demand

*This is a short giveaway this month, so don't delay in entering!
*Prizes must be claimed within 24 hours due to the deadline I have to meet, or a new winner will be chosen.  
Enter the Giveaway below!
Good luck!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Get Voting! Crockin' In the USA Recipe Contest #Prizes!

If you didn't submit a recipe for the Crock-Pot Seasoning Mixes' Crockin' In the USA Recipe Contest, don't worry!  You can STILL win a PRIZE!  All you have to do now is vote for your favorite recipe by clicking here.  You can vote once a day and each time you vote, you're entered to win prizes.  How fun is that?!  

So, help me decided who should be the WINNING Recipe!  Make your vote count!
You have until December 13, 2012, so go vote!
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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Simple Comforts Crayon Roll REVIEW

These Crayon Rolls from Simple Comforts would make the PERFECT Stocking Stuffer, class Christmas Gift, Birthday Party favor, etc.!  There are SO very many reasons you could gift one or 10 or more of these!  

I love that Meredith chose to send me both sizes so I could really compare the two!  (I especially love  she chose a music fabric, knowing I'm a music teacher!)
Aren't they adorable?!  And guess what?!  They come WITH the crayons!  I did not just put them in for the picture, LOL!  My daughter was BEYOND excited when she opened these up for me!  They shipped extremely well and came with all crayons in tact!  That's amazing in and of itself!  These are sewed beautifully as well!  Let me tell you how much I prefer these over loose crayons everywhere!  I love that I can just roll them up and tuck them away, or throw them even into my purse without worry!

Meredith of Simple Comforts has so much more to offer than just Crayon Rolls.  She makes Aprons, Blankets, Hats, Bags and much more!!!!  Please stop by here Facebook Page and check out everything she has to offer!  If you're not on facebook, you can reach Meredith at

*Disclaimer: I received 2 Crayon Rolls in exchange for my review and honest opinion.  All view expressed here are entirely my own and may differ from others.
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Sierra Skye Studios REVIEW!

Want to see the BEAUTIFUL new purse I just received from Sierra Skye Studios?!  I don't're gonna want one after you see how awesome it is!  Are you sure?!  Ok, fine.  Here she is.....

Seriously, she's more gorgeous in person!  I honestly can't believe this is hand made.  The construction is honestly, impeccable! (With all the sewing I did this last weekend, I KNOW how impeccable this sewing is because mine is NOT!  LOL)  This purse is amazing.  It feels and looks incredibly sturdy and even has little feet on the bottom, just like a store-bought purse!   

The quality of my purse is about 100% more than I expected!  I'm truly amazed at the great craftsmanship!

Look at all of the fun compartments this purse has to offer!

I was able to fit my awesome Vera Travel Wallet (which I cannot live without) in it....
I put my unmentionables and what not in the zippered pouch...
I put my pens, business cards and sunglasses in the pouch that isn't zippered, but does not go through to the bottom, so I don't lose those precious items!
and in the final compartment, I put my lotion and nail file.

I'll tell you, there is PLENTY more room in this purse for lots and lots of stuff!  

Gina from Sierra Skye Studios has LOTS more to offer you than just this purse.  Please check out her Etsy and Facebook Page to see all she has to offer!  I'm sure you can find a wonderful Christmas Gift, or even something for yourself.  Not only does she make purses, but she also makes Kids Back Packs, Key Fobs, e-Reader Covers, Crayon Wallets and is adding more items all the time!

Gina is a stay-at-home mom to 2 little girls and is an Army Wife of 15 years!  Let's support her by sending some Love her way!

*Disclaimer: I was given a purse from Sierra Skye Studios in exchange for a review.  All opinions expressed here are entirely my own and may differ from others.

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