Media Kit:I do have a Media Kit available to email you if you would be interested in seeing it.  Please email me at

Advertising:If you are interested in Advertising on our page, please contact me at  I will be happy to share with you all of my statistics if you would like so you can see how this would be beneficial to your business! Pricing is as follows:

Large Side Ad - $20/month, $100/6 months, $200/year.
Small Side Ad - $10/month or $90/year.
Top Ad - $30/month, $175/6 months, $350/year.  Only One of these spots are available.

Product Reviews and Giveaways:I will publish reviews for free as long as product is provided.  If not product is provided, there will be a fee. I am happy to host a giveaway for your product.  If you provide me with a product, then there is no additional expense.  If there is no product provided to me, then there will be a fee.  Please contact me or details.

Public Speaking/Food Demonstrations: I would be happy to speak or give a food demonstration at your event.  Please email me at for details and pricing.

Recipe Development:If you have a product you would like me to create a recipe for, I would be happy to for a fee or in exchange for product.  I would link the recipe post directly to your product site. Please contact me or details.

Unique Content Article Post:  I am happy to write an article for your publication on a variety of topics.  Please email me with your interest at for details and pricing.

My Cookbook: All details and Press Release can be located here.

Have an Affiliate Program?  Email me with your details at

Privacy Policy

Disclosure Policy

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