Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sorry for the delay!

Hi Faithful Crock Pot Followers! 

I am so sorry to not be bringing you a delicious Crock Pot meal today!  I had every intention of making Eggplant Parmesan FINALLY today, but some things keep getting in the way!  Ella has all of a sudden decided she wants to be potty trained, so who am I to get in the way of that!  We've been spending MANY hours on the potty, but hey, we're getting results!  How is this getting in the way of my crock pot cooking you might ask?!  I mean, you put it in in the morning and in the evening, voila!  You have a meal!  Well, you need food to cook with!  LOL  We haven't been able to get to the grocery store and we've been down 1 car for a couple days.  So, GOD-willing, tomorrow, I will have FOOD in the Crock Pot!  We're like lost puppies around here!  We have no idea what to do for food without the Crock Pot!  It's really a sad sight!  So, no worries.....you shall have new recipes soon!

I CAN GUARANTEE Baby Back Ribs on Thursday since we are having company!  I think I'll make them with the Lemon-Glazed Carrots I made with the Tropical Pork and some Rosemary-Honey Baked Potatoes!  Doesn't that sound delicious?!  I can't WAIT to try ribs in the Crock Pot!  Wish me luck!

Happy Crock-Potting!
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