Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This Week's Plan 7-14-10

I'm sorry for being terribly disorganized this summer!  Some of you may know from reading previous posts, but I am a teacher and am off for the summer!  We are very laid back during the summer and I like to be free to spontaneously do things whenever I please!  So, my weekly menu planning is kind of off kilter!  I promise to be back on a schedule in the fall!  For now, I'm going to spontaneously cook!

Tomorrow, I will make Chicken Picatta.  I attempted this about a month or so ago and it didn't turn out all that great, so I didn't post the recipe.  I think it will be better this time!  I'm excited to give it another go!

I'm also going to attempt Eggplant Parmesan in the Crock Pot this week.  Why not, right?!  Plus, my girlfriend Tracy challenged me to try Eggplant in the Crock Pot, so this will fulfill my challenge! 

If at anytime you have some sort of request, send it my way and I'll do my best to make it happen in the Crock Pot!

Happy Crock-Potting!
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