Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Citrus Chicken

I would first like to apologize to poor Collen, Ava, my husband and daughter for having to try and eat the worst Slow Cooker dish I've made to date!  How embarrassing!  You know, when I told my husband I was making this, he said "Are you sure you want to try something new for our company tonight?!" and I said, very confidently, "Yes, of course I do!  It will be fine!"

This chicken turned out SOOOOO dry!  Oh my gosh!  I guess I just cooked the heck out of it.  I don't even know.  They all said the flavor was good, but I didn't even care for that.  I'm so disappointed!    I will try Citrus Chicken again, but I have some ideas on how to change the recipe.  First and foremost, I will use bone-in chicken.  Secondly, not quite so much lime juice.  Thirdly, I will add more sugar or honey.

Sorry to disappoint all of you who came for the recipe :(  I promise some good meatloaf in a day or two!  I swear!

Sad Slow-Cooker.....
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  1. Oh this sounds very similar to what I had happen to a recipe I tried back in June for Garlic Lime Chicken.

    It was extremely dry and too salty. From that experience I learned to use larger pieces of chicken (probably bone in like you said) and less of the soy sauce than called for. When I try making it again I'll repost with an update.

    - Holly