Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stuffed Pork Chops

These Pork Chops were fall-off-the-bone DELICIOUS!!!!!  They were so moist and tender, and the stuffing just melted in my mouth!  My step-dad was over for dinner last night and he kept telling me throughout dinner how good they were.....and then continued afterward on our way to get Ice Cream!  My two year old had second helpings of pork chop, and she barely touches meat these days!  I was so impressed!

This dish was inspired by a Taste of Home recipe I found.  It had a very nice stuffing recipe I could have made, but I saved myself some time and money by using good ole' Stovetop Stuffing (which I LOVE!!!)  Wait till you see how easy these are!  They will surely impress any guests you might have.....and your family too!  I simply served my Stuffed Pork Chops with a side salad with Craisins, Sliced Strawberries and a Light Raspberry Vinaigrette.  The sweetness of the fruit added such a nice balance with the Pork Chop!

Stuffed Pork Chops

3-4 Large Pork Loin Chops (You want them to be thick.  I picked out 3 from the Meat Counter)
1 box Stovetop Pork Stuffing
3/4 cup White Wine or Chicken Stock (I used Peasporter we have in the refrigerator)
2 Tbsp. Olive Oil
salt and pepper to taste

Cook the Stovetop Pork Stuffing according to the package.  
While the stuffing is cooking/resting, slice each pork chop to create a pocket, from the fat side all the way to the bone.

Salt and pepper the top of each Chop.

Heat your Olive oil in a skillet.  While it's heating, stuff each pork chop with a good amount of stuffing.

Place each chop into the skillet seasoned side down.  Salt and Pepper the other side.

When the first side is browned, flip it carefully with tongs and let that side brown.

Place browned Pork Chops into the Crock Pot liner and pour your white wine or chicken broth over the top.

Cook on LOW for 8-9 hours.

TIPS:  I was able to fit my 3 LARGE chops into a 4 Quart Crock Pot.  If I had one more, I would have needed a bigger Crock Pot.  Your tongs will be your best friend in this endeavor!  Pick them up and move them from the bone side and it will be easier to handle! 
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  2. I loved this recipe. Served it with homemade applesauce and sauted brussel sprouts and bacon pieces. A big hit.

  3. I am thinking of giving this a try for New Years,,,Can the high setting be used instead of low?

  4. YUM! I've been wanting to make these all week! I wasn't going to use my slow cooker but its such a glorious day I wanted to take the oldest to the park after school. I found your recipe so now at 11am they are in the crock and we are off to the park this afternoon instead of being stuck indoors!

    1. Yay!!!! So glad to hear this! I hope you enjoy them!

  5. Found this while looking for Easter meal. So simple & so good!

  6. Just made this for dinner and put it in the slow cooker on high for 4 hours and it was DELICIOUS. Only problem was the pork dried out a bit so it probably would have been fine after 3 hours or so.