Monday, August 15, 2011

This Week's Plan 8-15-11

Well, it's going to be an exciting week!  My sister is due to be induced this Wednesday, so the kids and I are packing up to go stay with them while my sister and brother-in-law stay at the hospital with the baby! It's going to be exciting for all the kids to be together for a few nights! (There will be 5 kids under 6 at the house with me! Yikes!)

So, my plan this to survive!  LOL  Seriously, I have no plan.  I did get a new deep freezer, so when I get home on Friday, I am going to start stocking up on some good meat sales!  I've been wanting to make some honey-mustard chicken for a while, so that might make an appearance late in the week!  We shall see!

I'm going to try and take my computer with me, but can't guarantee I'll be online much this week at all! I'm going to do my best to keep these 5 kids BUSY!!!!

Happy Slow-Cooking!
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  1. Good Luck to ur sister!!! That oughta b an adventure for ya huh? Have fun!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. LOL! Thank you!!! An adventure for sure!!