Sunday, September 11, 2011

This Week's Plan 9-11-11

Today, we remember all of the men and woman who lost their lives in the extremely tragic events that happened on 9-11-01. We also remember those who who lost loved ones and volunteered their time in all of the 9-11 efforts.

Well, I'm not starting my week on a very good note.  I'm sick....a little worried it's strep throat.  I'll be heading to the doctor tomorrow after work.  :(

So, here is my plan this week.....which may or may not happen due to me feeling like poop!  LOL

This Week's Plan:

Sunday: Attempted Honey Mustard was a total flop :(

Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: Dinner at a friend's house

Wednesday: French Onion Soup

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Balsamic Chicken

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Greek Chicken

Happy Slow-Cooking!
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