Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Avery® Sticky Notes Mark the Spot

When Avery contacted me about their new see-through sticky notes, I was extremely excited.  First, because who doesn't love sticky notes?!  Second, they are running a campaign that is contributing to schools!

Avery See Through Sticky Notes are very cool because they are transparent, which allow you to write on them without covering up other important information.  This really comes in handy when looking through recipes in your cookbooks.

I found MANY ways to "Mark the Spot" with my Avery See Through Sticky Notes!  They are great for marking pages in cookbooks!  I have recently been asked to review two different cookbooks.  The Avery See Through Sticky notes really came in handy.  I was not only able to mark the recipes in the cookbooks with the sticky notes, but I was also able to stick them right over the top of the ingredient lists and make any notes I needed to make as I was making the recipes.


As I create recipes, I can also write my list of ingredients on my Avery See Through Sticky Notes as I go.  Then, I can take that sticky note and stick it right to my computer screen as I type in my latest recipe.
(This may secretly be my favorite way of using the Avery See Through Sticky Note!)

I'm also able to use these at my day-time job, as a Music Teacher.  The MEAP started this week, which always brings changes in the specials schedule at our school.  I was able to take my Avery See Through Sticky Note, stick it to my lesson plans and write in the schedule changes as they occurred.

As I mentioned above, Avery is contributing to schools.  The “Avery® Sticky Notes Mark the Spot” sweepstakes launched on October 3, 2011.

Twenty-thousand people who register for the sweepstakes will randomly be selected to win a FREE pack of Avery® See-Through Sticky Notes. Five of those winners will be randomly selected to receive 100,000 Box Tops coupons (valued at $10,000) that will be applied to a school of their choice. The selected schools of the “Avery® Sticky Notes Mark the Spot” promotion will be presented with credit for the 100,000 Box Tops for Education®.

All anyone has to do is go to the Avery Facebook page ( and sign up to win a free pack of Sticky Notes and then choose the school they’d like the money to go to should they win. Pretty simple and it’s a great cause!

So, Imagine what you could do with Avery Sticky Notes and what schools can do with 1/2 million box top coupons!

I have 3 packages of Avery See Through Sticky Notes to give away to two lucky readers!  

To Enter, leave a comment below by answering this: Imagine what you could do with Avery Sticky Notes and what schools can do with 1/2 million box top coupons!
*Be sure to leave your email address so we can contact your if you're one of the winners!

Contest Ends Wednesday, October 19 at 11:59 EST.

Good Luck!

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  1. I'm a pharmacy technician at a busy mail order pharmacy. My day consists of taking phone calls, taking prescription orders, following up with patients, calling doctors' offices - it's nonstop. If I had to sum up the amount of writing I do, I'd say I go through two pens per week on average. Needless to say, I can't wait to get my hands on these! The organizational possibilities are ENDLESS!

  2. I'd use Avery sticky notes in my planner. Plans are ALWAYS changing with my busy family. These notes would allow me to make tabs AND write reminders easily.
    With half a million box tops, our school would have enough money to re-tool our out-of-date computer lab.

  3. I am a sticky note queen! When I am reading articles or doing research I always print out what I read. Often when I go back to look at it to find what I wanted to re look at I have to reread the whole thing. I would use these to mark what i wanted to save and add my thoughts and comments right away! so much time saved. Our school is overcrowded and they are using outdoor trailers for some classes. Getting rid of the trailers and adding space would benefit all the students!

  4. I live off of sticky notes! The possibilities are endless! I use them at work, at home, and to keep all of my Band Booster Notes organized! To see what's underneath them would be Magical:-). I would donate my boxtops to Green Elementary! My son will be joining Kindergarten there next fall, and my daughter used to go there.

  5. Post It notes are my favorite school supply! I teach 2nd grade and use sticky notes on EVERYTHING. I actually ask for them for Christmas and get all kinds in my stocking. I love all the different shapes and colors out there so when I saw these on your blog I couldn't wait to try them. I would use them in my lesson plan book (like you did), in my cookbooks, making notes in books I am reading (taking Master's classes right now), and in my day planner. The Box Tops would go to my school to help us with things we need! Thanks for sharing these! I'll have to get some right away.