Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Virtual Crock Pot Party WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

I would like to thank EVERYONE for partying with Ginger and I today. What an awesome collection of crock pot recipes we all have to choose from now. Go here for all of the crock pot recipes that were shared at todays party.

Here are the winners of all the prizes that were given out during the party today:

The winners for the Slow Cooker Liners were:
The Winners for the McCormick Slow Cooker Seasoning Packets were:
The Winner for the Dove Chocolate Discoveries Baking Mix was:
~Drum Roll PLEASE~

The grand prize winner for the Orange Party Crock and Cook Set is:
And the grand prize winner for the Double Dip Warmer Crock is:
If your name is listed above, please go here to claim your prize (if you haven't already).ONLY people with their name listed above are prize winners for todays virtual crock pot party. I really wish we could give a prize out to everyone, but we can't. Please stay tuned for future virtual crock pot parties and giveaways. There will definitely be more!

We have thoroughly enjoyed this crock pot party today and we're already discussing co-hosting another one around the holidays. 

Keep those slow cookers warm folks!  There will be more to come.......
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