Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter 2011 Virtual Crock Pot Party!

Ok Slow Cooker Fans!  It's PARTY TIME!

Please read carefully

Ginger and I are very thrilled to be co-hosting another virtual crock pot party since the first one was so successful. We're extremely excited to see what new slow cooker recipes you have to share with us today.

It seems as though Slow Cookers are all the rage right now!  Well, we already knew how awesome they were, but we'll let the new comers think they've thought of something great!  What better way to add to your recipe collection, then to have a Virtual Party of ALL slow cooker recipes!

Here is how it will work:
  • Starting at 12:01 AM EST on Friday, December 16th you'll be able to share the link to your crock pot recipe. It will last until 11:59 PM EST on Friday, December 16th. Plenty of time for everyone that wants to share their crock pot recipe to pop on in and do so.
  • Not only will you be able to share your recipe through the inlinkz widget provided below, but feel free to share your recipe in the comments below or on the facebook fan page .
  • PLEASE make sure that it's your very own crock pot creation that you're sharing. We just want everyone partying nicely :o)
There will be prizes given out on Saturday. They were graciously provided by Crock-Pot®.... along with the new Duo Cook & Serve Cookers given to Ginger and I.
  • Make sure your name is easily found (for example, don't use anonymous when leaving a recipe in the comments section) so that we can let you know if you're a winner (Two winners will be chosen after the party is over and announced on Saturday. One by Ginger and one by myself using

Submit your crock pot recipe below. Please make sure you're linking directly to your recipe and NOT a home page. Also, make sure you're putting the name of the recipe, NOT your name. Here we go!
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