Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sometimes trying to be frugal backfires! A story we can all relate to!

We've all been there.  We've had a "brilliant" idea we just knew was going to work.....and then, it backfired!  Sometimes we can salvage our dignity and other times, we have to own up to our "mistake" and admit we should have maybe spent a $1 more, or done a bit more research before we made that final decision.  We live and learn, right?

This past Halloween, my darling daughter decided she wanted to dress up as Belle. She had been talking about it for months, actually.  My husband and I encouraged the heck out of this decision because she already had the costume, crown, etc!  SWEET!  We didn't have to buy a costume!  I bragged to all my friends and family about how much money were were going to save!

Then, like every 3 1/2 year old, she changed her mind.  Sad day for mommy! LOL  She decided she wanted to be Rapunzel from the movie, Tangled.  I found a super cheap costume at Target, on sale.  Yay!  Done!  We only had to spend $14.99.  Still a cheap Halloween :)  Mommy was happy!

Oh, but my daughter had other plans......"Mommy, I want you to be big Rapunzel!  Wouldn't that be coo-well!?" Ella says.

As luck would have it, I had a big fancy purple dress in my closet from my senior vocal recital, so I agreed!  I had visions of finding some cheap ribbon to made the front of my dress look kind of like a lace-up corset just like the dress in the movie.  Actually, I was totally getting into it!  This was still going to be a cheap Halloween!

You see, I'm a teacher and I had decided to bring my daughter to work with me on Halloween since it was kind of an easy day.  She was super excited, and I knew the kids would love to see us dressed in matching costumes.  "Wouldn't it be cool for us both to have a cute little stuffed Pascals (the little chameleon from the movie) on our shoulders just like Rapunzel in the movie?!" I blurted out.

"YES, Mommy!!!!"

That night, after Ella went to bed, I had grand visions of the two of us, walking through the hallways at  my school, with our "matching" dresses and little Pascals. It was going to be so cute!

I was SURE I would be able to find stuffed Pascals at the Disney Store, so I went in and looked around.  I couldn't find one.  I asked a sales clerk.  She said they were all out, but should have some next week.  Well, that was a problem because Halloween was only 4 days away. What a bummer!

That night, I decided to look on good ole' for a Pascal. I was sure I would find some there for maybe $5 each I could order and still get with my amazon prime free shipping!  WRONG!!!!  The ONLY Pascal's I could find were $25.......EACH!  YIKES!!!!!  I decided we could do without Pascal.

The next night, my daughter happened to see the open window on my computer with the stuffed Pascal's.  "Mommy!  Those are going to be SOOOOOOO ca-ute!!!!!!!  I can't wait until we have them mommy!  They are going to be so ca-ute on our shoulders!"

Sigh.......I can't let my little girl down. She was down-right ecstatic about this whole "dressing up alike" thing.  So, what did this mommy do?  I closed my eyes, clicked "add to cart" (twice) and then "buy."  GULP!  $50.....gone!  Just like that......

So, that's how I tried to be frugal this past Halloween and it ended up TOTALLY backfiring.  (Just so you know, they now have cute little Pascal's at the Disney Store now for like $5.....just in case you want to buy one!  LOL)  We win some, we lose some.  I LOST money here, but I WON a precious memory with my daughter!

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Leave me a comment below with your moment when you tried to be frugal with your kids, and it ended up backfiring!  I can't wait to laugh with you!

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