Sunday, August 26, 2012

We're getting a makeover!

In the past year, I've gained roughly 7,000 fans over on facebook, I'm published in over 15 of The Patch every Sunday,  I've co-hosted Networking Squared twice, attended a Kenmore Blogger Summit in Chicago and the list goes on!  It's all incredibly exciting!  I'm so blessed!

To celebrate, A Busy Mom's Slow Cooker Adventures has a new logo and a new look!  Please pardon the "dust" while we get things JUST RIGHT!  If things aren't looking right to you, you don't need glasses!  LOL!  We'll get things all lined back up and looking nice and pretty!  Don't you worry!  All the quirks will be worth it in the end!

Thank you for helping me accomplish ALL of this!  Without you, and GOD, none of this would be possible!!!!

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