Monday, January 14, 2013

Beef Stroganoff - Guest Post from "Just Short of Crazy"

Since I am busy writing cookbooks for all of you, I've invited some fellow bloggers and fans like you to help me out!  So, here is my first Guest Post from Deb Thompson of "Just Short of Crazy."

Deb is a professional travel and lifestyle blogger that calls northern Michigan home. Over a year ago she decided to pursue the things she loves and quit being a cog in a corporate wheel. To date, it has been one of her best decisions and she hasn’t looked back.When she’s not on a road trip, you’ll find her at home cooking, creating and enjoying the things she loves; social media, wine, reading, and photography. She has been married for 20+ years and has two teens (hence the semi-crazy). There is also 1 adorable dog and 1 fat cat living in this almost crazy house.  One thing is certain, life keeps her on her toes and she knows that change is inevitable. 

Deb has given me permission to share her recipe for Beef Stroganoff!  I can't wait to for you all to try it, so come back and comment and let me know what you think!

Looks good, huh?!  You can find the recipe by clicking here!

You can follow Deb's blog, "Just Short of Crazy" on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter as well. 
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