Monday, February 4, 2013

It Works! Wrap It Up Amie #Review

I had the pleasure of hosting an It Works! Party with my friends and Amie a couple of weeks ago!  What a FUN time!!!!!  While Amie was here, we got to try several It Works! Products.  I'm going to tell you all about them below!

At the party we used the Ultimate Body Wrap Applicator divided into 4 sections for our chin wraps. Look at the difference in some of my friends!!!!!!!!

As the host of the party, I had the privilege of trying a wrap on my abdomen.  The results were gradual over 3 days as you can see below, but let me tell pants sure did fit better in the end!

These retail $99 for a 4 pack or can be purchased as a Loyal Customer 4/$59.  They can also be purchased individually for $30 each directly from Amie.

Most of us tried the he Greens facial, which is made up of It Works! Greens and Defining Gel.
The It Works! Greens are a great source of vitamins and minerals in a powder mix of 38 different POWER foods to make up 8 servings of fruits and veggies, providing detox benefits, energy and alkaline, which also brings your system to a neutral state, preventing sickness! Amie drinks Greens daily and I hasn't been sick at all this year, even with the flu going crazy all around her! If you suffer from heart burn or acid reflux, this product will be a favorite for you! Amie was on prescription meds daily for gastritis/acid reflux and have been able to stop taking them with drinking Greens! She says they REALLY do neutralize the acidity in your stomach as well as your system!!!
$40 retail or $28 as a Loyal Customer

The Defining Gel is an awesome product with so many great uses! Along with helping maintain and maximize your wrapping efforts the Defining Gel will brighten up your tattoos, smooth out sun damaged and aging skin, help with skin conditions such as psoriasis, excema and varicose veins! Mixed with our Greens it creates an amazing facial!!!
$79 retail or $45 as a Loyal customer

Here's crazy ole' me with my chin wrap and Greens facial on!  LOL

The Lip and Eye Lifting cream uses beautifying botanicals to to rejuvinate the areas around the lip and eye while visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It's made with natural ingredients and goes on silky smooth!  My friend Helen had the tried it and had great results!!!!

$59 retail or $39 as a Loyal Customer

You can find Amie's It Works! Page on Facebook, or you can visit her directly on her website!

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