Saturday, June 8, 2013

Jen Ramey Designs - Review

I love pretty things, so when Jen Ramey of Jen Ramey designs asked me to do a review on her wine charms, it wasn't hard to say yes!!!!

Look at how beautiful these are!!!!

Jen is a true artist, which means I was able to choose the design, color and imprint I wanted on my charms.  I love colorful things, so I chose rainbow charms.  The heart symbolizes our marriage, and the "C," our last name.  

Let me tell you something, you're not just getting wine glass charms when you order from Jen Ramey Designs.  Look at how well these were packaged and all the extras I got!

 The box was packed beautifully!  A beautiful sticker on the inside of the box when I opened it, with Jen's gorgeous logo.  Lots of cushion for my charms with the blue strips of paper, and my charms were gorgeously packed inside that "thank you" bag!

There is another envelope which comes inside the box, with a beautiful business card and magnet.  Also, Jen included and extra wine charm....the gorgeous one you see there with the pink heart!  So elegant!

Jen leaves no detail untouched!  She even has a charm holder tag with the charms attached to them.  The "thank you" bag you saw earlier is the bag you can store the charms in.

Jen not only sells charms for all occasions on her Facebook and Etsy Pages, but she sells cupcake toppers and key chains too!  They are all impeccably made and GORGEOUS!  

Jen Ramey Designs makes gifts for weddings, anniversaries, engagement celebrations, bridal showers or baby showers and birthday celebrations for all ages.  You can find her on
Etsy -
Use Coupon Code SLOWCOOKER10 for 10% off your order!

Please go take a look!  You won't be disappointed!
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