Tuesday, July 9, 2013

PlanetBox Lunch Box #Review

With Ella heading to Kindergarten in the Fall, I'm on the hunt for awesome Lunch Boxes for her to take to school.  Ultimately, I would like at least 2 or 3 awesome ones that all work well, so if we have a super busy night, I don't have to worry about washing it to get it ready for the next day!  (Those nights seem to happen often, LOL!)  I came across the PlanetBox in my search and I'm impressed.  It's honestly, a very simple product.  There are not many bells and whistles.  It is a stainless steel lunch box that offers 3 different styles/sizes for different sized appetites!  It's great for portion control as well.
The above pictured PlanetBox Lunch Box is what they call the Shuttle.  Its great for a snack or a smaller meal.  It comes with magnets (the colorful parts you see above) that can be removed and changed for different children/moods.
 It has a very easy to use latch, which opens up the lunch box.  The shuttle comes with what they call a tall dipper for sauces, or something similar as well.
Each PlanetBox comes with a carrying case as well.  
This particular lunch box will be great for her morning/afternoon snacks, but I don't feel it's large enough for a full meal.  I'm sure one of their other two styles; the Launch or Rover; would work well for her lunch.  It definitely doesn't seal when closed, so you wouldn't be able to put anything that might "leak" inside a PlanetBox Lunch Box.

Overall, I feel the PlanetBox is a very nice lunch box, that offers some great options for your child.  They even have a Meal Planning App online where you can design, plan or share meals for your PlanetBox!  How cool is that?!

You can find PlanetBox online or on Facebook.

What kinds of healthy things do you send to lunch with your child?

*Disclaimer: I was sent a PlanetBox Shuttle Lunch Box in exchange for my review and honest opinion.  All thoughts expressed here are entirely my own and may differ from others'.

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