Tuesday, August 27, 2013

FoodSaver Review

*Disclosure: I was sent compensated with a FoodSaver in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

When I was at BlogHer, I stopped by the FoodSaver booth in the Expo Hall.  I have been wanting to see one of these in action for YEARS!  I was so impressed by all of the features FoodSaver has to offer and how useful it would be in my home!  (I go through a LOT of food here being a foodie blogger!  LOL)

When FoodSaver learned of my excitement, they were happy to send me a brand spankin' new V4800 FoodSaver machine! Isn't it pretty?!!!  
This machine retails for approximately $150.00 and comes with lots with all of these goodies.
The round attachment pictured above is to seal cans and jars and the smaller one on the right is to seal wine bottles.
Because it comes with all of these different bags, it's not hard to get started using this machine right away.
The FoodSaver comes with an easy guide to getting started and there are directions for making your own bags printed right inside the top cover,so you can't possibly forget!  I love this feature!

I first experimented with making my own bag.  Adventurous, I know! LOL
All you do is use the sliding bar under the lid to cut the bag to the size you need (size of your item, plus 5")

You then hit the "seal" button on your FoodSaver and stick one side into the proper place on the machine.
It seals it within a few second , then you have a bag!

I was marinating some Mozzarella Balls, so I place the Mozzarella Balls inside the bag, poured the marinade over the cheese, then swished it around.  I then used the "pulse" feature on the machine to seal the package slowly and not too tightly since I was marinating. They were incredibly delicious!

I also marinated some steak for kabobs the same way. except I used one of the FoodSaver Liquid Block Bags!  They were delicious as well, by the way!

I had some more fun with my FoodSaver! I made my own bags and sealed half a red onion and the rest of the sirloin steak I bought for the kabobs.
I used the FoodSaver Perforated bag for this Chicken Sausage.
 And I sealed a leftover cooked hotdog in a FoodSaver FreshSaver Zipper bag.  These bags have a round circle in the top right corner.  You use the FoodSaver Zipper Bag Adapter (which is sold separately), which attaches to the retractable handheld sealer, to suck the air out of these bags and they have a zip lock on top.

I should mention that the FoodSaver bags are all reusable.  However, bags containing greasy, oily foods, or raw meats, fish, eggs or un-pasteurized cheese CANNOT be reused.  They can even go in the dishwasher!  Pretty nifty! (And Green!)

There are lots of FoodSaver Accessories you can purchase to make the most of your machine.  I plan to buy the FoodSaver Quick Marinator.  With the help of the machine, it marinates your food in 12 minutes!  That's it!!!!  No more waiting over night!  Pretty impressive, right?!

I cannot wait to buy all my meats in bulk and seal them with the FoodSaver before freezing them!  I'm going to save SOOOOOOOOOO much money!  No more freezer burn!!!  Yay!!

To find out more about the FoodSaver,  visit www.foodsaver.com or find them on 

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