Friday, September 27, 2013

New and Kid-Friendly Recipes from FamilyFun Magazine

FamilyFun emailed and asked if I was interested in sharing some of their new kid-friendly recipes with my readers.  When I saw this idea for Banana Cupcakes, I instantly responded "YES!"
Isn't this a GREAT idea!!!!!  Here's what you need:
Peanut butter (You could sub almond butter for this)

1. Use a piping bag and round decorating tip (or a ziplock bag with a corner snipped off) to pipe a swirl of peanut butter on a 1-inch thick slice of banana.
2. Top with fresh berries, shredded coconut, or other healthy favorites.

These Whooo's Hungry Owl Crackers are adorable as well!
Here's what you need:
Round crackers
Mini round crackers
Cream cheese

1. Spread a layer of plain cream cheese on a round cracker, using the tip of the spreader to make small indents for feathers.
2. Press on a pair of mini round cracker eyes (we pulled apart a Ritz Bits sandwich and used a half for each eye) and attach raisin pupils with a dab of cream cheese.
3. Finish by pressing on an almond beak and almond-slice feathers.

These snacks would be perfect for school parties, after-school snacks, parties or for play dates!  What a great excuse to "play with your food!"  For more great kid-friendly snack ideas visit
We'll be feasting on both of these in the near future!

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