Thursday, September 5, 2013

Walmart Brings Local Produce from Local Farms

At the end of last month, I had the pleasure of taking a tour of a local farm with some of the Walmart Produce Executives.  The farm was the Mike Pirrone Farm in Capac, MI.  We got to hear from the executives, ask them questions and learn about the farms work with the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.  The Farm was getting ready to send their pumpkins and gourds to the stores for the upcoming Fall season.

We began our tour at the packing house, where we watched workers pack cucumbers.  They were separated into three piles.  The "perfect" cucumbers were packed directly into black reusable crates that Walmart uses for their produce.  It saves workers at the store from having to unpack the produce and it also saves the environment.  The crates are washed, sanitized, repackaged and sent back to the farms.

The slightly bent cucumbers were sent to places like the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan and the cucumbers that were badly injured were separated into another pile to be used in another way, such as for cucumber slices, etc.  It was fascinating to see the process!

We visited some of the Mike Pirrone Fields.  We learned a little bit about Green Peppers.  The thicker and harder the skin, the riper the pepper.  

We got to see some of their beautiful gourds and pumpkins they have growing!  They will be supplying my local Walmart with these for great prices!

After visiting the fields, we drove to the Clinton Twp. Walmart where we saw the beautiful produce from Mike Pirrone Farms we had just seen in the fields!
 We saw their pictures at the store!!!!!  So cool!!!!

Not only is Walmart working with local farmers to bring you fresh produce, but they have also started this "Great For You" label.  You will find it only on items that meet certain dietary criteria.  Look for it on many Walmart Products.

Will you be checking out the produce at your local Walmart this Fall season?  What is your favorite kind of gourd or pumpkin? How do you decorate with them?
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