Sunday, December 8, 2013

Wonderbag Slow Cooker #Review

is a Wonderbag!
A cordless heat-retention cooking bag.
It's a very simple concept really.  You heat your food on the stove, then you place it in the bag and let it finish slow-cooking!  It's definitely "Green" and will save you on energy costs.
As their website boasts "You can cook anything from meaty stews and vegetable curries to simple rice and soups."  Recently, I made homemade turkey stock since I had a leftover turkey carcass from Thanksgiving along with leftover vegetables.  It turned out perfectly!  All I did was place all my
 ingredients into a stock pot, brought it to a boil on my stove, then let it finish cooking in the bag.

For the Turkey Stock recipe, you can click here.

Here's how you use it:
When you receive the bag, there is a tag showing you how to prepare it.

I did exactly as the pictures show and it's super easy!

Here are some of the benefits to cooking with the Wonderbag listed on their website:
  • It can reduce a family's fuel usage up to 30% - saving money and easing poverty
  • It reduces CO2 emissions
  • It reduces toxic fumes which means less respiratory problems and other diseases, particularly in children
  • It reduces accidents in the kitchen, because stoves are used less
  • It reduces time spent cooking, giving more time for child-care and other activities
  • It saves precious water. When the pot is insulated in a Wonderbag at a fairly constant temperature, less evaporation occurs, so less water is needed
  • It saves food. 20% of all staple food in Africa is burned, due to pots being placed on open fires and unregulated stove tops. With Wonderbag, no burning occurs
When you purchase a Wonderbag, you can truly feel good about it.  For every Wonderbag purchased, they give one to a family in Africa. That's pretty incredible.  They are on a mission to see over 100 Million Wonderbags in homes around the world!  Pretty incredible if you ask me!

At the time of this post, they are currently on sale on for $40!  That's a $20 savings!  You can purchase them in blue or red.  The one you see pictured above is red.  It looks very beautiful in person.

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