Sunday, May 11, 2014

Alison Elle Edible Art

This cake had ALLLLLL the moms talking at our son and daughter's recent birthday party!

This cake was EVERYTHING I asked for and SO MUCH MORE!
Alison is an INCREDIBLE artist!  Seriously, in-cre-di-ble!!!!!!

My son was in absolute "awe" when he set his eyes on this cake!  "Look at my fiya twuck cake mamma!  And fiya man Sam's on my cake!"  He was elated!!!!
It was SO much fun listening to my little guy (3) ramble on and on about his cake!  We had his birthday party at a place called Jungle Java and we saw very little of his during his birthday party because he was so busy playing!  When he did come back over to us, he wanted us to show him his cake.  He would just stand and stare at it, and continue to tell us everything about it!  It was adorable!

Alison has been baking as a hobby for years.  She found herself spending every weekend making cakes for friends (and their friends!)  She decided to open a little cottage bakery.  With tons of encouragement from family and neighbors, she started Alison Elle Edible Art in 2012.  Perfect name right?!  Edible Art?  That's exactly what she does! She said she is "amazed at how quickly this business has grown" and how many wonderful customers she has "had the privileged of serving over the past two years!" She's truly a very humble artist!

 Specializing in custom cakes and cookies, she enjoys consulting with customers to decide on a design that will complement their event beautifully. She loves including whimsical touches that make each creation special! I know our creation was beyond incredible!!!!!

All baked goods are made to order in her Lake Orion home. Customers may contact her by email at, by phone at 317-828-3344, or through her Facebook page, Alison Edible Art

Pricing is based on the size, structure, flavor and level of decoration of each unique cake.  She is always happy to offer a quote!

*Disclaimer: Alsion offered to make Gavin's cake for free in exchange for this post and for facebook advertising.  All opinions here are entirely my own and may differ from others'.
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