Saturday, May 2, 2015

Kayem Artisan Sausage #Recipe and #Review

I had the extreme pleasure of reviewing Keyem Foods' new line of Artisan Sausages and BOY am I in love with them!
Before I get to how I used these delicious sausages, let me give you a little bit of information on them!  First, they are GLUTEN-FREE!  Yay!  They contain no artificial flavors or MSG and are made with premium cuts of pork sirloin and are blended with natural ingredients.  These also come fully cooked and contain 35% less fat than the average pork sausage.  This is excellent news!

You see three of the flavors pictured above, but Keyem Artisan Sausage comes in 5 flavors; Andouille; Sweet; Fire-Roasted Pepper Jack; Pineapple Uncured Bacon; and Sweet Pepper Provolone.

I literally got right to cooking with these delicious sausages!  I even created a recipe for you!
I call this Fire Roasted Pepper Jack Sausage Soup.  You are SO going to want this recipe, so click here and it will take you right to it!

I used the Pineapple Uncured Bacon Sausage to make this delicious dish.  I added the sausage to some brusses sprouts, halved and sauteed along with some diced up pieces of bacon.  I served it over rice and it was absolutely incredible.  I don't think I even added any salt or pepper!  It was delicious as is!

I used the Andouille Sausage in some scrambled eggs one morning.  I used the sausage, some red onions, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and some Garlic and Herb Mrs. Dash seasoning. They were so tasty and SO easy to whip together!

If you haven't tried Kayem's Artisan Sausages yet, I highly recommend picking some up!
Kayem is available at Meijer throughout the greater Detroit area.  You can find out more about Kayem at

*Disclaimer:  I was given three packages of sausages in exchange for this review.  All opinions expressed here are entirely my own and may differ from others'.
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