Wednesday, June 1, 2016

NKD Pizza - And allergy friendly Dining Experience #BloggersDoPizza

This past weekend, I had the immense pleasure of eating at NKD Pizza in Sterling Heights.

I thought it was "just another make your own pizza joint," but I was VERY wrong!

This is THE BEST and healthiest "pizza joint" I've ever visited.

You know what makes the food even better?  The fact that the owner and manager GENUINELY care about their customers, their food, the quality, the freshness and giving us a healthier option.

There is SO much about my visit that I enjoyed.  I enjoyed every single minute while there.

See this?  THIS was my dinner!!!!
Right?!!!!  You're drooling, I know.  I was too.  It's ok.
Guess what?  This was all gluten-free!!!!
You're looking at the Niagra Pizza (GF), NKD Caprese Salad and Gluten Free Chicken Tenders.
Every bite was just as delicious as the next!

Here's a glance at few of the other pizzas and goodies my other blogger friends tried that night.

Everyone said their meals were amazing!  We had absolutely no complaints.
There is really something for everyone on the menu, but if you don't find something exactly as you like it, they are happy to make all accommodations for you, or you can build your own pizza.

They even have a very cool brand of soda for you to try with your delicious pizza.

Dessert is simple.  And gluten free :) LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

Seating is simple.  There are a a couple bars, a larger high top table and a few regular tables.
They even their trash area is cool ;)
Another cool thing they have is a word search dry erase type board where, if you find all 20 words while you wait for your pizza, you get 10% off your next order!!!

Besides the delicious food and the amazing hospitality of the owner and manager, my favorite part was the kitchen tour where I got to see what great care they take in making sure those with allergies are taken care of.

This is the gluten free prep area.  You'll notice the tools are clearly labeled.  You'll see the regular tools below.  The toppings are in their own area totally separate from the regular pizza station, so there is no cross contamination.  They also use different pizza baking trays for gluten free pizza than regular pizza.

Here is the regular pizza prepping area, cutting tools and baking dishes.

I have to say, I fell in love with this place from the moment we were greeted.  It felt so welcoming and I was never once nervous about getting sick eating here.  I HIGHLY recommend NKD Pizza.  You have to go try it out!

Guess what?!  They deliver within a 2 mile radius and delivery is only $1.50!  Great deal and I'm TOTALLY jealous I don't live in their delivery area.  I am completely willing to drive there however!

NKD Pizza is located at 2100 Metropolitan Parkway
Sterling Heights, MI 48310

You can find out more about NKD Pizza and all they have to offer here.

Connect with NKD Pizza on Social Media
*I was not given a monetary compensation for this post.  I was invited to dine in at NKD Pizza on their dime.  All opinions expressed here are entirely my own and may differ from others'.
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