Sunday, March 6, 2011

This Week's Plan 3-6-11

First of all, can anyone believe I made it to 37 weeks?!!!!!!!  I know I can't!  Well, none of my family and friends can't, but here I am, pregnant full-term!  Never thought I'd make it!  I've had more discouraging trips to the hospital, but it will be all worth it in the end.  I know the end is near and I'm SO happy about that!  We are ready to meet this little boy!  I would like to thank each of you who have sent all your thoughts and prayers to me and my family!  They are so much appreciated!  I've felt the love!

We made yet another trip to the hospital this week.  I was having contractions every 3 mins and then by the time I got to the hospital, they spaced to 10 mins. apart.  DISCOURAGING to say the least!  The contractions are finally getting stronger, so I'm just waiting for them to get closer together.  I keep telling myself.....any day.....any day!!!  LOL

I get asked all the time what "liners" I'm talking about when I use them.  The disposable liners I use are called "Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners."  They are WONDERFUL and make clean up so much easier.  Here are some links to them....

I also get asked a lot which Crock Pots I use.  I own a Crock Pot brand 4 Quart and a Crock Pot brand 7 Quart.  Here are the links to my Crock Pots!

This week I'm planning on making 3 dishes.  The first will be either a stuffed flank or bottom round steak.  We'll see what the butcher recommends when I go tomorrow!  I took a little inspiration from Rachel Ray after watching a 30-minute meal episode this weekend!  My husband and I both thought it would be great in the Crock Pot!  I'm going to try and Vlog part of the assembly so you can see how to stuff, roll and tie up the steak.  I have to make sure my camera-man is available! ;)

I'm also making a recipe one of our facebook and blog followers suggested.  It will be Salsa Chicken.  Not sure I can improve this simple recipe, so I may be copying it exactly as is!  We'll see what happens! :)

The third recipe I'm going to make is Beef Stew.  There are LOTS of recipes on the facebook page from some of our followers!  I'm going to combine some and make a great hearty stew!

Here's This Week's Plan:

Sunday : Leftover Spaghetti and Meatballs

Monday: Salsa Chicken

Tuesday: Leftover Salsa Chicken

Wednesday: Stuffed Mozerella and Spinach Steak

Thursday: Leftover Stuffed Mozerella and Spinach Steak

Friday: Hearty Beef Stew

Saturday: Leftover Stew

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Crock-Potting!
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