Monday, October 10, 2011


When KIDLOK contacted me, I was super excited.  First of all, I have a 6 month old who is full-fledged crawling (ugh!  LOL) and second of all,  I had so many broken child "locks" that need to be replaced!  I'm here to tell you, KIDLOK is an awesome product!

First, here is a little bit of information on KIDLOKs...."KIDLOK is a child safety device that is easy to install and requires no tools, no screws and will not damage your cabinets and doors. It will help you keep your child(ren) out of enclosed space that would put them in harms way. A silicone band that is FDA compliant, KIDLOK is portable and can be easily removed and taken with you to visit grandparents or friends whose homes are not childproofed. KIDLOK bands are versatile and are sure to come in handy for other uses around the house!"

I immediately went to my kitchen cupboards (that get A LOT of use!) and tried them there.  They work like a charm!  Look how simple and easy this is, and how nicely it "disappears" on my cupboard!

I took them to my crazy bathroom cupboards next.  I have two sets of cupboards, one close together and the second far apart.  I will tell you I bought about 4 different kind of locks trying to find one that might work.  Since KIDLOKs come in a variety of sizes, finding one to fit was a complete cinch!
Here are some before and after shots of my bathroom cupboards!

KIDLOKs come in 5 different sizes and require NO TOOLS!  Isn't that a bonus!  On their website you can find a video on many different ways the KIDLOK can be used.  I love that I can see it in action and know right away that it will work for me!

Right now, KIDLOK is offering FREE SHIPPING online!  If you visit their facebook page, they are also offering great deals there.  Want to visit them locally, here is a link to the events you can find them at.

KIDLOK is a GREAT product and you can't beat the price!  I encourage you to get online or visit them in person and give them a try! Print Friendly and PDF

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