Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My "Recipe for Fun!"

One of the things I enjoy most is having fun in the kitchen with my daughter.  She's turning 4 this month and wants so badly to help me with everything!  I've found some fun ways to not only get her involved in the kitchen, but to get her to eat almost anything!

So, what's my Recipe for Fun?  My recipe for fun is to get your kids "decorating" their food!  Sometimes it's all about the wording folks!  By "decorating," I mean get your kids involved in making their food look just the way they like!  It doesn't always have to be about drawing "faces" on food (although that can be very fun too!)  Sometimes just putting out a lot topping options can be enough to wet the appetite of a young, opinionated toddler!  I know my daughter doesn't like me to tell her what she's having, so if she can "choose" from the options I've set up herself, she's a very happy camper.  

My daughter LOVES arts and crafts and making things look "pretty."  Whenever I tell her we she "decorate" her food, she's all for it!  Here's a picture of her "decorating" her Baked Potato Soup.
She had so much fun making her bowl of soup look "perfect!"

The other day, we had Cilantro Lime Steak Fajitas.  My daughter (almost 4 going on 15) announced she didn't like what I made for dinner......without even knowing what we were having of course. ;)  So, I slowly started putting out all of the fixings for our fajitas on the table.  After looking at all of the toppings, and me telling her she could decorate her fajita any way she wanted, she dug right in!

It doesn't always have to be a big spread to make "decorating" food fun!  A while back, I made Manhattan Clam Chowder for dinner.  Telling my toddler she was going to be eating clams doesn't sound very appetizing.  So, I pulled out those cheap and cute oyster crackers and a tiny bit of parsley.  I gave her a pile of her own crackers and she decorated her own bowl of soup with the oyster crackers and parsley.  And just like that, the soup was gone!

Last week, my daughter had a fever for 6 days straight.  She wasn't eating much at all.  One of her favorite foods is Crepes, (they are a thin French Pancake) so I made lots of them.  Since she wasn't feeling well, I did the "decorating!"  I kept it extremely simple. One day, I simply used a plate with the compartments to make a face.  The crepes were the mouth, the eyes were vanilla yogurt and the eye balls are little dabs of sparkly blue icing I had in the cupboard!  She loved it!
I switched things up the next day because she really didn't want to eat.  My daughter always wants to eat, so you know she really wasn't feeling good!  I told her she could decorate her crepes ANY way she wanted.  She said she wanted them to have faces.  Sad faces, to be exact!  LOL So, sad faces she got!  The crepes face is yogurt, the hair is mandarin orange slices and the eyeballs and tears are the sparkly blue icing again!

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Clorox® has a great website set up!  The Clorox® Clean Up®Recipes For Fun site has lots of great ideas and recipes for having fun with your kiddos!  Not only can you gain great ideas and recipes, but you can submit ideas and recipes of your own there too.  

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I hope you've enjoyed my Recipe for Fun!  Clorox is making it easy for you to gain some more recipes for fun as well, so I hope you will go check it out and enjoy cleaning up some messes with some Clorox® Clean-Up® Cleaner!  Remember, our children/grandchildren are only this young for a short time!  Enjoy each moment.  Cherish each moment.  Create your own Recipes for Fun!

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