Sunday, August 12, 2012

Personalized Blankets - Review

I recently received the nicest gift from Joan of Personalized Blankets!  She made a beautiful Personalized Reading Blanket for my Ella Bella!  I have to tell you, it's pretty much not left her side since she received it!  If you could see it and feel it in person, you would see how beautifully it's sewn and how SOFT it is!!!!!!

When I gave it to Ella, we were on the way to the Toledo Zoo in the car.  She said "This is for me, Mamma?! Did you make this for me? (Of course I didn't take credit for it, LOL!) Oh look, it has my name on it!  Oh, mommy, it's so soft!  Thank you so much!!!!!!"  LOL  Her reaction was priceless!  Little ones just LOVE something that is personalized for them.  It makes them feel so incredibly special!

Here are some pictures of Ella enjoying her blanket!

Joan not only makes beautiful Personalized Blankets, but she also makes Personalized Stroller Blankets, TV blankets, Lap quilts, Poncho towels, Hooded towels and Custom Crib Quilts! All of her Blanket colors and styles can be custom made to fit your little one's personality! You can design your own or pick from a blanket that is already made and awaiting personalization.  Need a very special baby shower or preschool gift?!  This is a  GREAT idea!

Joan is a mom of 3 gorgeous kiddos and a HUGE "A Busy Mom's Slow Cooker Adventures" fan!!!  I always love to support our fans' businesses!

You can find Personalized Blankets on Facebook, or here on her website.  At the very least, please visit her facbook page and give her a "like!" Even if you don't have the occasion now to order a blanket, you may find yourself needing her services in the future, or recommending her to someone who could use her services!

*Disclaimer: I received a Personalized Blanket in exchange for my honest opinion and review.  All opinions expressed here are entirely my own. Print Friendly and PDF


  1. My daughter loves blanket wit her own name on it, she will surely love to have the this blanket too. thanks much for the review!

    1. You are so very welcome! It's nice when we moms can support one another!