Monday, April 29, 2013

Buffalo Chicken Sliders - Guest Post from The Country Cook

I have another recipe fro you from Brandie at  How do Buffalo Chicken Sliders sound?!  Amazing, right?!  If you're gluten free, just grab yourself some gluten free buns or rolls. These would still be equally delicious.

Brandi from publishes a website dedicated to classic American recipes and quick and easy family favorites .  Brandie is a working Momma who lives in the beautiful mountains of Virginia.  She understands the challenges of today's families and shares many recipes that are quick and easy to prepare so families have more time to enjoy each other (and a tasty meal) together at the supper table. 

Buffalo Chicken Sliders
For this incredible recipe, please click here.
And don't worry.....I'll be sharing more of Brandie's tasty recipes in the future!
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jesben Slow Cooker Sauces

I had the pleasure of being contacted by Susie, President of Jesben LLC, to see if I would like to try her all natural sauces!  I was so excited when she told me they are also GLUTEN FREE!  Hooray!  It's an added bonus!  These sauces were absolutely delicious!  All you have to do is add meat.  That's it!  You seriously plop your meat (or tofu)  in your slow cooker, pour a jar of Jesben Slow Cooker Sauce over the top and turn it on!  When you get home, you have a delicious and healthy dinner!  What could be better than that?!  My family loved both of these sauces.

There are currently two flavors of Jesben Slow Cooker Sauces: Original BBQ and Italian Tomato, Peppers & Herbs. Since I had the pleasure of trying both of them, I can tell you they are both equally delicious! They are currently in the process of developing additional flavors, which I am very excited for.  

Their sauces are currently available in supermarkets in PA, OH, WV and MD, and are located near the seasoning packs and gravy. They are also gaining distribution in other stores throughout the U.S, (e.g., NY, NJ, IN) and are now are also available online at  I found them here. You can also visit their website for recipes, videos and more!

I hope you give them a try!  They are worth every penny! 
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore - Guest Post by Being Cheap Is Easy!

I absolutely love Chicken Cacciatore!  When Ashleigh of contacted me with this recipe, I was more than happy to post it!  I'm especially happy to see a recipe with FEW and HEALTHY ingredients!  This is one of those "go-to" type recipes when you're in a pinch.

Ashleigh is a Michigan mom of 3 little ladies and hubby Ricky.  Her blog shares tips on how to save money online and in stores, recipes for easy and inexpensive meals, gardening, music, decorating, etc. She's always finding new topics to talk about!

Chicken Cacciatore

For this awesome recipe, follow this link.
Comment below on what you think about this great recipe!

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

MDM Bowtique Personalized Letters

I had the immense pleasure of receiving a beautiful set of Personalized letters from Amber of MDM Bowtique!  First, Amber was wonderful to work with.  She asked what the colors of the  room I would be placing my letters were, then posted lots of sample paper for me to choose from.  Once I let her know which papers I liked, she put together some sample combinations for me so I could visualize things a bit better.

When she finished, and added the beautiful embellishments, I was SOOOO pleased!  They look absolutely beautiful!  I was going to hang them above my fireplace, but decided they looked perfect right on my mantle. So, sorry about seeing me holding the camera in the pictures!  LOL!

The letters are one of a kind works of art that can be customized to match just about any color or style.

*****For the month of April, you can get each (8") letter for $3.50 each or $20 for each connected word (family, love, welcome, laugh, faith.) Make sure to mention you saw this special here or on facebook to get this deal!!!!!!!  You can find MDM Bowtique on facebook here. She has all sorts of examples and options for you to choose from there. You can also email her at with any questions of special requests you might have.

*Disclosure: MDM Bowtique sent me the letters for free in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed here are entirely my own and may differ from others'. Print Friendly and PDF

Monday, April 8, 2013

Teriyaki Chicken - Guest Post from Mamma Maria's La Cucina

No muss, no fuss!  That's what I love about his recipe by guest poster Maria of Mamma Maria's La Cucina. Any recipe where I can just throw chicken in a slow cooker with some spices, I'm in!!!!  I can't wait for you to try this, because everything from Mamma Maria is awesome!

A little bit about Mamma Maria......At the age of 10, Maria began cooking with her father and quickly developed a love for it!  She enjoys mix-matching different spices and ingredients in different combinations to make unique tastes. Maria is a work at home mommy who LOVES to cook!  Lucky for us, Mamma Maria has agreed to share several of her slow cooker recipes with us over the next few months!  I'm excited to share the first one with you!

1lb chicken (sliced, cubed or however)
1c chicken broth
1/2c terriyaki or soy sauce 
1/3c brown sugar
3minced garlic cloves
1/4 cup honey 
1 Tablespoon sesame seeds 


Add ingredients to small crock stir, cover and cook on low for 6 to 8 hours 

Serve with rice and zucchini , they were perfect accompaniment to this dish !! 

Simple easy and delicious !!!

For Mamma's original post, with step by step pictures, click here.

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Boy do I wish I had this option when I was in college!!!!!  I would have been able to save a lot of money if I was able to rent my textbooks from!  They even boast on their website that you can feel free to highlight in them as if you owned them.  As if that isn't cool enough, they actually have online support!  Phew!  The more friends you refer to them, the more you "cash in!"  You can also "rent back" your books when you're done by going to  How cool is that?! have partnered with Operation Smile and are donating over 1,000 life saving cleft lip surgeries this year to children in need.  Awesome!

Go visit to see what it's all about for yourself!

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Health Benefits of Grass Fed Beef - Guest Post

'Grass fed' means that the cattle that your beef comes from have eaten only grass and other foraged foods during their lifetime. It makes sense that what the cow eats makes a significant difference to the beef that it gives. The old adage 'you are what you eat' isn't just for children. Compared with traditional grain-fed beef, grass-fed beef has a much higher content of good fats, and much lower instances of bad fats. Understanding the difference between good and bad fats is a very important thing for your all-round health and well-being. It can be thought of as knowing the difference between what your body needs and what it doesn't. Omega-3 fatty acids and linoleic acid, antioxidant vitamins like vitamin E, are all found in high numbers in grass-fed beef, and are all indispensable elements to good health. For example, omega 3 fatty acids are essential for normal growth, and they play a big role in the prevention and treatment of nasty things like hypertension, coronary artery disease, arthritis, and cancer. Grass fed farming techniques are now practised and promoted by butchers like Cannings butchers, because there has recently been a big media discussion about the health elements of meat eating within the health industry.
Tests have shown us that when the ratio of omega 6 fats to omega 3 fats exceeds 4:1 in the food we eat habitually, health problems are likely to occur. To be healthy and have a strong healthy heart, this ration should be kept low. Grain-fed beef can have ratios that exceed 20:1 and grass-fed beef is  down around 3:1, it's a big difference! This ratio of omegas can be easily overlooked, even though it's a very important health indicator.  That means that lovely lean meat can actually lower your cholesterol levels!  What's more, grass fed is that it is less likely to give a nasty food sickness, because levels of e coli are dramatically lower in grass fed cattle stomachs. Basically, you're much better off spending those extra few dollars on your grass fed beef. The cost is nothing compared with the benefits. Grass fed is the future.

This article was written by Danielle McAnn.  You can find here in the following places
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*Disclaimer: I have been compensated for posting this article.  All opinions expressed here are those of Danielle McAnn.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"Falling Into You" by @Jasinda Wilder #Giveaway WINNER ANNOUNCED!

Thank you to everyone who entered this awesome Giveaway!!!  The giveaway tool randomly generated 3 winner for our Jasinda Wilder "Falling Into You" Giveaway!

Congrats to the following winners!

$25 Amazon Gift Card and Autographed Copy Winner - Amber L.
$10 Amazon Gift Card and Autographed Copy Winner - Julie S.
$10 Amazon Gift Card and Autographed Copy Winner - Maria S.

All 3 winners have been emailed and will need to respond withing 48 hours with their mailing address to claim their prizes, or a new winner will be selected.

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