Friday, February 11, 2011

Hospital Update

Good morning fellow blog followers!

I'm coming to you from the "comfort" of my hospital room.  I was admitted Wednesday night with Pre-term labor.  Thanks to some VERY powerful drugs (ugh!) the contractions have slowed enough to move me to the antipardom wing of the hospital.  I'll be here through Saturday or Sunday, unless the baby decides to grace us with appearance sooner.  Either way, he should be here very soon, which means he will be pre-term, but we are prepared!  Our last ultrasound showed he's weighing in at about 4lb. 7oz. so he's doing pretty good.  I've had 2 doses of steroid shots as well to help his lungs strengthen.  We have lots of faith and we know he is going to do great when he gets here!

You may or may not be hearing from me for a little while.  All depends on how I'm feeling, where I'm at, etc.  Please continue to use your Crock Pots and I encourage you to try a recipe you never thought in a million years you would try!  Why not?!  Live dangerously!

I'll be in contact on our facebook page as often as I can to answer questions and participate in discussions :)

Happy Crock-Potting!
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