Monday, October 21, 2013

Recipes to Warm You Up this Fall

Fall weather is definitely here.  I refuse to turn the heat on.  I'm just not ready for it yet.  I have been using my fireplace, however.....I LOVE my fireplace.  As I sit here typing this, I have a beautiful fire going.  This got me thinking.....what are my favorite "Fall" recipes?

Chicken with Apples and Onions
Such a simple, yet delicious recipe.  It's naturally gluten-free and is a cheap, healthy dinner!
Click here for the recipe.

White Chicken Chili
This is THE most AMAZING recipe....but not quite as healthy.  But hey, it's ok to have every once in a while.  It's not going to kill you to have a little extra cheese in your diet for a day or two! Everything in moderation, right?!  Right! Your family will LOVE this!
Click here for the recipe.

Hope's Pot Roast
Not a good picture....sorry about that!  (It's from my beginning days as a food blogger!) Picture aside, this is an AMAZING pot roast.  It's easy to throw together and will fill you up with goodness!  The cabbage is the secret ingredients, I tell ya!
Click here for the recipe.

Better than Lasagna Soup
This soup is sensationally good!  Don't let the longish list of ingredients detour you!  It's worth every single one of those ingredients and will definitely warm you up this fall!
Click here for the recipe.

Here are 5 more recipes from my new bloggie friend Shay of Mix and Match Mamma.
Shay is the mom of two kiddos (with one adopted daughter on the way!) who loves to spend time eating dinner with her family each night without spending a lot of time in the kitchen preparing it.  Her method?  Mixing and Matching!  You don't need to learn a lot of recipes, you just need to learn how to mix and match a few staple methods and transform them into different meals your family will always love.  Always seasonal, always festive, always delicious and always simple.  Dinner is about spending time with the ones you love, not spending time slaving away over the stove.

White Chicken Chili
Click here for the recipe.

Cornbread Chicken Enchiladas
Click here for the recipe.

Honey Mustard Brisket Tostadas
Click here for the recipe.

Chicken and Dumplings
Click here for the recipe.

BBQ Apple Chicken Sandwiches
Click here for the recipe.

What is your favorite Fall Comfort food?
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